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As On 04-Dec-2020 EOD, Market Closed
446.90 (1.00%)
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IPO Synopsis

DJ Mediaprint & Logistics Ltd

Registered Office: 24 1st Floor Palkhiwala House,Tara Manzil 1st Dhobi Talao , Mumbai - 400002 , Maharashtra , India.
Phone : 91-22-2788 9341
Fax :
Email :  
Website :
Initial Public Offer of 12,00,000 equity shares of face value of (Rs)10 each ("equity shares") of DJ Mediaprint & Logistics Limited (the "company" or the "issuer") for cash at a price of (Rs)20 per equity share, including a share premium of (Rs)10 per equity share (the "issue price"), aggregating to (Rs)2.40 Crores ("the issue"), of which 60,000 equity shares of face value of (Rs)10 each for cash at a price of (Rs)20 per equity share, aggregating to (Rs)0.12 Crores will be reserved for subscriptions by the market maker to the issue (the "market maker reservation portion"). The issue less market maker reservation portion i.e. Issue of 11,40,000 equity shares of face value of (Rs)10 each for cash at a price Of (Rs)20 per equity share, aggregating to (Rs)2.28 Crores is here in after referred to as the "net issue". The issue and the net issue will constitute 28.48% and 27.05% respectively of the post issue paidup equity share capital of the company. The face value of the equity share is (Rs)10 each and the issue price is (Rs)20 i.e. 2 times of the face value of the Equity shares. The minimum lot size is 6000 equity shares.

Issue Money Payable On
Opened On Closed On Application Allotment
26-Mar-20 31-Mar-20 (  )20.00-0.00 (  )0.00-0.00
Minimum Application for shares in Nos :6000  Further Multiples of :6000

  (   Cr) Lead Managers to the Issue
Project Cost 2.40
Finshore Management Services Ltd
Project Financed through Current Offer 2.40  
Post Issue Equity Share Capital 4.21  
Issue Price (  )20.00  
Funding the Working Capital Requirements of the CompanyGeneral Corporate Purposes
Promoted By
Dinesh Muddu Kotian  
Santhosh Muddu Kotian  
Listing At
Registrar to the Issue
Purva Sharegistry (I) Pvt Ltd 

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